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Well about 1 year ago I was studying my college years in the UK, but I decided to come back to my country because my gf broke up with me and I couldn't stand the thought of living so far away, and to help ease the pain I needed to come back to be closer. She admitted to me that she had found a bf while I was in the UK.


For a long time I had lost my confidence, strength and belief, even till now I still cannot forget that experience. I restarted my college in my country and currently Im studying in my country where my ex-gf is still here and still with her bf. I have just finished college and Im now on to university. I was very surprised with how well I did for my college given that I didn't try my hardest to achieve it since I was so sad about the break-up.


Now I've chosen a double degree which would take me 4 and a half years to complete as opposed to a single degree which would take 3 years. My relatives believe that I have chosen a very good course. This is where it gets complicated. This university has branched out to different countries. One of their branches in where I live, and their main branch is in a foreign country (again). In my country's campus they basically do not do double degrees, but in their main campus they offer such a course. However, I was speaking to one of their course manageers locally, and she was saying it is possible to do the common units locally and depending how I plan my units I can go over to the main campus to finish it, but I must finish it in their main campus, since some units aren't offered locally. Well, I do not wish to go to the main campus since it's in a foreign country, and I fear it. I just do not have the strength to go and do such things again, Im still hurt inside, and I feel very comfortable just being in my country, and because I feel comfortable, I feel confident. My relatives and parents do not know why I ended my studies in the UK, nor do they know about this situation or about my ex-gf. I do not wish for them to know. My relatives believe that I'll be better explosed in the main campus since they already offer the course and there will be no complications, and overall the people are different and the way the lecturers lecture are different to the campus locally. They recommend that I should do maximum 1 year here and then finish the remaining 3 and a half years in the main campus. But infact, I plan to do it the other way round, I plan to do minimum amount of years in the main campus.


As I have already said, I just don't feel comfortable leaving this country for a long time. I felt that it was my fault at first to leave my gf when I went to the UK. And now, eventhough she isn't my gf, I still feel very sad about it, and I don't want to repeat my mistake. Im scared for life. It was my intention to go to the UK, and everyone told me not to go, my gf did not tell me her feelings about me going since she did not want to stop my ambitions. She said while I was gone she felt very lonely.


So I need advice. Im pressured by my relatives to go overseas. But I know I will not be focused and I just feel settled down here.


Thanks for reading my post, and I would be even more grateful for a reply.

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Do you have a new gf in your current country?

If no, what else do you have to loose?


Thought distance is one of the factors that cause lovers drift apart, but committed lovers will grow strong despite the distance.


When you look through life, you will find out that you could not expect your partner to always be there for you, to help you solve your problem or accompany you from being lonely. Because there is a phrase that called, "we are so close, yet so far away." Some couples live together, yet each of them are busy with their invidual life.


Do you experience any difficulties while you are studying in the UK?

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Well I guess I was more committed than her. No I don't have a new gf. I don't understand your question. What difficulties are you referring to?


I don't have much to loose. But I feel comfortable here. And the thought of going away again just makes me think back about what has totally changed my life.


Thanks for your post, I greatly appreciate it.

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