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Met up with a girl, need help!

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You might recall from past posts, that I was meeting a girl that I like today. So I was thinking it was going to be just the two of us, but when I get there her sister is with her. I was sure she liked me more than a friend, but I am not so sure now. Would you bring your sister along if u were meeting a guy you liked?


Her sister did pretty much leave us alone when we went to have coffee, and left us for a good 2 hours. I don't know it just seems odd. I am still unsure as to whether or not she likes me more than a friend. I decided to test the waters and try physical contact, and she did not seem to mind. We had a good solid chat for the whole time.


We were talking about everything, mainly about where is from, and other stuff about her mostly or uni and what we wanted to do when finish uni. She said things about how some of her friends wanted to catch up today, but she turned them down because she wanted to just see me. The conversation lulled towards the end, I think because we both have a lot on our minds(both failed something at uni) and I have a whole lot of other things to deal with.


Anyway just wanted to know what you thought about my problem. She is a really keen engineer, and there is a exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci's inventions on at the moment. I was thinking of asking her to come with me. Maybe this way I could get her alone for long enough to really know how she feels.

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Sounds like she likes you...


May as well ask, you have nothing to lose =) But do it soon...


Yes, but if you express it too soon, she'll think you're a creepy weirdo. I know this from personal experience. If you really like this girl, you're just going to have to "ease" your way into this unless you're extremely handsome, muscular, or charming. In that case, it'll likely be much easier for her to love you.

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The MSN name thing is hard to figure out, becuase lots of people have very different motivations for putting up certain msn names. Sometimes, you kind of have to know the person and what kinds of names they normally put up to know whether their current one is odd.


Either way, I think she's trying to get your attention - she obviously really likes you, but the msn name doesn't neccesarily say she likes you in the way you want her to.


However, from some things she said in your convo (like the fact that her friends wanted to see her but she turned them down for you) suggest she does like you that way.


Also, her sister having been there shouldn't be a problem. They were probably hanging out together before you came to see her, and the fact that her sister disappeared for 2 hours after you came shows, imo, that she did want to be alone w/you. It sounds like her sister knew she liked you, or that she specifically asked her sister if she could leave for a while once you came.


I'd say, invite her to the Leonardo Di Vinci exhibit, but like CynicalGuitarist said...don't tell her you like her yet (unless there is one of those 'just right' moments while you are with her at some point). Keep working on her. Even if she does like you at this point, sometimes the flirting/chasing thing can be fun, and getting her even more into you before saying anything about it couldn't hurt.

As for asking her to the exhibit - there should be no problem with that. It is safe. If she does like you, she will probably be excited and perhaps drop more hints about all the wonderful things she turned down just to be with you...but if she doesn't like you in that way, she could safely think you just want to hang out with her, becuase you think she's cool. From her msn name, she'll be happy to hang out w/you either way

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I think that it is a bit odd that she brought her sister to a planned date with you. I personally would count it as strike one in whether or not I wanted to pursue things with her. She didn't mention it once and just showed up with her. I think that's rude. I wouldn't bring my brother to meet a girl.


If it happened, I don't know what I would do. If I went to meet a girl and she had a guy friend with her, I would straight up walk away. If she brought her sister... I don't know. I might tease her about it to see what the whole deal was. She should have at least volunteered the reason for brining her to the "date"

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