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hey all. well...this is really weird gawd i feel so cheap. so this SUPER CLOSE FRIEND OF MINE we've been like sooo amazing together as friends and i didnt like him like that before and he made it VERY OBVIOUS he was into me. he treated me soo well and i reallly started to like him. and lately ive honestly felt as if ive fallen in love iwth him. i mean really hes amazing. hes not my typical type physically but hes not bad looking and now i find him extremely attractive (i guess based on other factors ya no?) so we started about two months ago talking very sexually and both of us were making it obvious we were into one another. one day we ended up fooling around (this was like three months ago) and then after we were both like lets juts be friends. but we just flirted like just as much as before. so the other day we ended up fooling around again...and now its just a little weird...and he doesnt want to commit to me anymore like he made that clear. its so confusing he was sooo amazing and now he seems like hes becoming a jerk. is this because he doesnt like me anymore? or is it he doesnt want me to get too attached? does he just want to fool around? does he just want to be friends? whats going on!

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Well its mainly your fault for not going directly after what you wanted with him, i mean * * * do you expect when you say to someone 'i only want to be friends' a marriage? , be clear and direct, go after what you want in life, if its him you want then stop hesitating and go for the kill. This way (only want to be friends thing) is only chasing him away.

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"...and he doesnt want to commit to me anymore like he made that clear..."


I think you are going to have to accept that when you told him ages ago that you weren't into him, you kind of killed the possibility of a relationship now.

I bet hes extremely confused as well, it all sounds very messy and like you two really would be better off as friends. I think hes right to be upfront and say he doesnt want a realtionship, and who would with someone who has previously not returned their feelings, and then all this on/off fooling around?


On a rational level, I think he just wants to be friends (although theres no *just* about friends, thats awesome) but ya know...he probab;ly still finds you physically attractive so will fool around with you if the opportunity arises, he's human.

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I think its a phenominon that close friends as lovers never work out most of time, it always seem to start great, then go totally weird and afterwards you lose your friend because there is this drastic change they undergo and you dont know your friend any more. If I had a time machine I'd go back and nip the relationship with my best friend in the bud.

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thanks all. well just to clear one thing up its not like i ever offically rejected him its just nothing happened and i didnt reciprocate the flirting like he did. but yeah...okay like our friendship isnt WEIRD but its not as AMAZING as it aws before ya no? but i know in the end being friends is probably the best way to go. ahhh thanks all any other comments or stories are welcomed and appreciated.

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