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Don't exclude women, it's not about men, more about "slutty" (for lack of a better word... maybe "easy" would be better?) people as a whole. It is not about a man sleeping with a woman she just met, it's about a man and a woman who just met, sleeping together. I mean, the woman was willing as well, otherwise, it would of been rape.

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I agree...if the guy is doing that, there has to be a willing women to do it as well. Although I have a theory that in general casual encounters affect women more than men. Just from the experience of my friends and stuff.


I think men are just biologically wired to spread their seed. But I also think sex can have an emotional affect on men. But sexual instincts can be powerful. In my opinion, a majority of single guys, if offered sex with a women they were attracted to will take it without even thinking too much about it even if they don't know her well. Its just in their nature. If someone is offering something to them for free, a lot of them are gonna take it.

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