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  1. I used to think that but when they're together it's REALLY painfully obvious and when Rafael is not with us Henry asks and asks about him and thinks we should call him so that he'd come and is always sad when we tell him he can't anyways. He even admitted to having a weird "fixation" towards him. I rolled my eyes cause that was *my* excuse when I had my first strong gay crushes and I couldn't lie to myself about them. He's young though. He'll figure it out eventually. Oh and I'm out to some... not to all though. Lolwhut?
  2. He sorta is. He's slowly changing though, but a guy liking him would be too much for him to handle right now. He really is a nice guy, but, well, he's prejudiced. But he is changing his way of thinking, but I'm sure that at this point a guy liking him would be too much. I am gay. I'd be supportive if I had to be.
  3. Meh. I'd have to side with Rafael... that's were my loyalties lie. I'm just gonna try to do pre-damage control so if this explodes it doesn't get ugly.
  4. Yeah, part of the problem is that, Rafael would have a mayor freakout. He already had a semi-freakout when he thought he liked him. I lied to him and told him he didn't and he sorta believes it. But if he found out for real it wouldn't be alright. I even told myself it was all in my head... but when Henry is with him it's just... too obvious. I also care because Rafael gets upset easily and his emotional state is really delicate, especially when he gets mad. I know he shouldn't get mad but that's just the way it is. Epiphany here... I'll leave Henry alone but I'll try to slowly mentalize Rafael so he doesn't react badly if anything does happen. And if does I'll try to make sure he doesn't do anything harsh.
  5. OK so my group of friends recently met a guy who was hanging out by himself somewhere. We'll call him Henry. Well... Henry is probably gay. No stereotyping, no guesses. He just obviously has a crush on our friend Rafael, who is straight, by the way. And to top it all off, Henry has a girlfriend, but it's very visible that he doesn't care about her. OK, maybe he's bi. At first, Rafael was very freaked by Henry's approaches to him, but knowing he has a girlfriend calmed him down I guess. He's just not very observant though... you should just see how Henry looks at him. It's... it's... he eats him with his eyes. So I dunno what to do. I really don't wanna interfere, but I think this could end badly. And I feel bad for Henry's girlfriend. Sucks for her too. She has never hung out with us though. I wonder how that would turn out... But I don't want to cut him off either. He's a nice guy. But I dunno what to do. Sometimes I just feel like standing back and watching it unfold.
  6. Lose Control - Evanescence not as known/used as some others, but I love it. EDIT: With this icon and screen name, I look obsesed... haha.
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