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I just need to do something extra


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There's a girl I've discussed numerous times on here who I work with and who I am beginning to feel more and more attached to. The problem I have is that, as I waste more and more time deliberating, we're becoming more and more like friends.

I give her a lift home from work some nights and we sometimes go for a drink, so it's not like I don't get a chance to say/do something. The problem is knowing what!!


It's not as simple as asking her out for a drink because we go out for a drink anyway and I'm worried she'd just see this as a friendly gesture. The other worry is that, as I work with her (in a job I don't particularly enjoy) asking her out and getting refused would just make things at work even more miserable.


I feel like I maybe need to drop subtle hints to test the water. Don't know what I should say...Or maybe I should just be frank (though wouldn't know how to say it without making a fool of myself and coming on too strong).


The forum must decide.




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Next time you drive her home, have a single red rose waiting for her in the passenger seat. When she inquires, say something like "I was shopping the other day, and I saw this beautiful rose that reminded me of you and your beautiful (INSERT: smile, eyes, etc.). She how she reacts to that...feel the situation out...if it seems good...when you are dropping her off, look her deep into her eyes and ask her, "Do you see anything between us here?" If the response is favorable, then comes the soft kiss... If not, smile, apologize and tell her good afternoon/night...

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