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Hey, i go to work with this girl and i see her at school evryday 5 days aweek... I broke up with my gf 2 weeks ago,and it was pretty ruff at first.. but then this girl at my job told me she broke up wit her bf cuz he kissed a girl at aparty or w/e.. so i end up texting her and telling her to call me, so monday we talk on the phone for over an hour and she was real sick so she went to bed after an hour of talking.. i text her that night asking to go to dinner with me and she basicaly says yes if her mom lets her or w/e.. we end up going to dinner and the mall to walk around for a lil.. things went good and we talked about alot of stuff, joked about alot of stuff and what not..



today i messed up, i texted my cuzin sayin '' should i ask that girl out again tonight'' .. but on ACCIDENT i sent it to her.. I FELT SOO SOO STUPID AND embarrassED LMAO but w/e i ended up playing it off as a joke and told her it was an accident.. i said a lil later in a text '' SoOoOo what are you doing tonight?? im so not smooth lmao oh well'' and she said in a text reply ''oh boy, lol thanks for asking but i cant tonnight i got * * * * to do. il text you later though good luck at work'' cuz she knew it was hell that day she also texted me sayin '' Just dont be mean to little girls you big bullie'' cuz i said i hated kids this past week and nd she wanted me to talk to the managers for her to tell them she is hella sick (which i did) but its 9:50 and i havnt gotten a text lol i see her so much in a day but i dont want to be the idiot who doesnt receive the 'signal' that she doesnt want to date me or w/e.. I do know she broke up with her boyfriend sunday .... she said last night at dinner table that she doesnt know if she should get back with him because there would be no point she would not be able to trust him.. w/e SO CONFUSING LOL

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