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we talk sometimes but am confused!!!!

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Hi All,


I was with my ex for about 3 months very unusually for me i fell for hook line and sinker. unfortunately we broke up do to her saying she wasn't ready for a relationship because she still had her ex in her head but didn't want him back but she said it wasn't fair on me.

I came to terms with it although i wasn't happy for obvious reasons.

We didn't talk for about a month until i texted her to tell her i still had her xmas presents and that they were no good to me, which was completely true. We met up and it seemed great we got on and it seemed relaxed we swapped presents cos she had got me some stuff too. then i left after a couple of hours and she came out with me she gave me a big hug and wouldn't let go she even went to kiss me but i just kissed her on her cheek. Stupid i know but i was very surprised. Since then we have texted a bit and have spoke on the phone once. we always say we are going to meet up but she seems a little strange about.

So we haven't yet. It seems to be to text her then she replys and we text for a while.

I would love to get back with her, I just don't know what to do. I don't know whether to not text her at all or to come out and say how i feel or just to carry on as we are.


SO confused I do still love her but i don't want to push her away or scare her off.


would love to hear what everyone thinks


Thank you!



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maybe you should text her and ask her does she want to meet up for a coffee or something. dont make it sound like a date, just a friendly thing. and if she says yes maybe you should meet up with her every now and again. but take things really slowly, and dont mention your past relationship. let her be the first to do that.

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Consider yourself lucky that she said honestly that she wasn't being fair to you and that she needed time and space.


Consider yourself challenged that you now have to be patient, be slow-moving and be there for her, to see if her feelings for you develop to the level that you feel for her.


You sound as if you're a thoughtful person, and you really seem to care for her, so don't worry too much. You'll both come out of this with lessons learned, no matter how it goes.


Do stay in touch with her, and yes, surprise her with small trinkets and do stuff together. It doesn't have to feel like a date, but make her feel special.


You're on a rocky path, since you dated for just a short time. But time will reveal what it will.

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