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Do you people do this?


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Hi do any of you, just write down thoughts and stuff that come into your head. Like thoughts that could be lines in poems or just written in creative speach?.


I have been getting this alot lately, and then I try and devlop around them. Don't really work. Also these lines either make no sense to anyone else or have on occasions not made any sense atall.


Here is an example of small things I have written. I know there no good but I just find it odd these pop into me head. Does anyone else get thoughts like this?


Their warped perceptions on the manipulations portrayed upon us

Is a constant subconscious war played on parallel fields to which we are blinded.

The illicit corporate eye is the governing force on today’s materialistic world.

Too endowed in ones self importance our minds digress from what truly matters

Forever hindered by ones great stature of undeniable self prevalence

But all the while their shallow hearts Sink further under their own misconceptions

Until what is left is a life of lies and deceit

The destitute lives lead, are devoid of minds succour and sustenance

This eternal anguish is forever a vale over my meagre existence.

Hiding what lies beneath the soft blanket of my physical being.

Shaded conceptions of my ego are never seen or understood

The guise woven in to my humble self, leaves a shallow portrayal

The few that uncover the true essense of my undulating mind I hold close to my heart

But deceiving Trojans attack me from within where I have been left tender raw

Even though I know its not very good please don't insult it lol as it is very embarasing to post this stuff for some reason.

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Hi do any of you, just write down thoughts and stuff that come into your head. Like thoughts that could be lines in poems or just written in creative speach?


Funny you should ask, because 29 years ago today (1/1/77) I started my journal.


While I doubt any of my entries could be called poetry, there is everything in there from the mundane details of my life, to off the wall rambling, to sorting things out, to pages that are barely legible & tear-stained because I was so upset at the time I was writing.


I have all the various notebooks and pieces of paper stored (in chronological order) in several boxes, and will go back and re-read what I was doing 5, 10, 15 etc. years ago from time to time.


I've never been a "write every day" kind of journaler, but a solid 2-4 times a week, yeah.


It's kinda cool to be able to look back on things and see how far you've come in terms of personal growth, financial growth (when I was trying to get out of 12k in debt, I kept a running monthly tally in my journal because I knew I'd keep up with it there), and where you're at in life in general.


Things I never thought I'd be able to survive while I was in the midst of them, were not only survivable....but some of my most valuable lessons were learned that way. Pain (mental, emotional, physical) I was sure would never go away always has over time. Things that seemed like the end of the world have always turned out to be cleverly disguised beginnings.


And everything always (and in all ways) works out for the highest good. (note: "highest good" is not always "immediate good")


If I didn't have a written record proving that time and time again, I don't know if I'd believe it as firmly as I do. Looking back on this written record of my life to this point, I am completely convinced that each of us has a purpose and that purpose is revealed to us in small ways over time. The events of our life form a pattern, and there's an underlying theme and sense to it all. Much like a maze, you can't see the big picture when you're stuck in the middle of it.


My 13 year old self decided for reasons that are no longer clear to me to start writing stuff down. In doing so, she started a road map that's been invaluable to me throughout the years since then.


Everything always (and in all ways) works out for the highest good.



All Ways.

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Errm ok then cool you digressed abit there to making sure weall knew everything turns out for the greater good lol But it is appritiated all the same. I can't say I write stuff down in the form you do, just lines of words that sound ok/good or well articulated I write down.

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I've always meant to keep a journal, but have a hard time remembering to do it. A lot of times I will come up with random comments that are really good and want to write them down. Of course, thats usually when I am out and don't have something to write with. ](*,) Other times I can launch into a speech on some topic and get on a roll, like the ideas just flow to me. I think I'll pick that up and start writing it down more.


Keep doing that yourself. It's good to have a collection of our thoughts, even if they seem completely random. One day you can look back and remember how things were for you at the time.

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I keep a journal too. But I almost never write in it like a journal. I write random odd things like you, and I also try my hardest to write about something without writing about it. I know that sounds weird but I mean like if something is going on in my life I will write random things like you do but they will somehow incorporate how I feel or what has happened, it almost sounds stupid but I can almost always remember what was going on at the time I wrote it. I also like to write and would LOVE to be a author one day. Alot of random things I write I eventually think sound cool and I try to incorporate them into my stories.


Basically I'm just trying to say your not alone, and many people do many things with what they write. Keep it up and maybe you'll be able to do something with it, if not, oh well, it's not like it will kill you!

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I usually have a stash of poems that come from nowhere. I think I usually generate poems because of random emotions. I dont usually stay in one mood for very long, not if its negative anyway, so i tend to have small notes with say 10 lines scribbled. But i can never adapt them, maybe its because that same raw emotion isnt there any longer. I dont like going back on work, its something i do rarely, unless i liked what id written and hadnt had the time to finish (as seen in my last poem *blushes*)



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