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so trivial


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So Trivial by outcast-angel

When you're drowning in thoughts, it can be hard to

distinguish what's real.

Limits seem so trivial when you're looking down from

somewhere outside the mortal coil,

seem so pointless when you find yourself looking with

envy at the morning obituaries, looking with longing at

your bottled bleach.

Threads of humanity teathering you to yourself seem so

thin when you can't recognize a simple sensation of touch,

and you're just hallow, emotionally numb.

Breathing seems so trivial when you can't feel the sweet

cool air fill your lungs,

seems so pointless when you can't find the strength to

scream, can't find the strength to say you tried.

When you're drowning in memories it's easy to forget

what's now.

Limits seem so trivial when you're falling off the edge,

seem so pointless when your life can't get any less

perfect, when life is stretching your will tightly around

your throat.

Threads of sanity seem so frayed when you don't recognize

the words your mouth speaks, when you can't tell where

your blood end, and your flesh begins.

Breathing seems so trivial when you're choking on old


seems so pointless in a state of hysterical desperation,

in a state of permenent confusion.

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