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hi, i have a kind of bad acne problem on my back, and its soo annoying that i cant even wear a cute tank top and tie my hair up! its not TOO bad that i need to take it to the dermatologist, but bad enough to bother me! any home remedies?...maybe even some astringent or diet? im using clean and clar astringent, the red one, its ok and it calms it...but NOT ENOUGH! anything?

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Ok, use Witch-hazel water and you can get it from chemists, health food shops or large supermarkets and apply after using Phisohex in the liquid form from the chemist. This will clear your acne in a few days. Afterwards use a reputable Vitamin E cream to heal any scarring.


(Lakeview Natural Therapies Clinic, Australia, 3250)

{Copyright 2005 LNTC}


Good luck



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I get the same thing, and oh my, is it annoying and embarrasing! My general doctor a while back offered to give me a prescription, antibiotics, to clear it up. I turned it down, but I think I may do it now....


I've also tried different creams, nothing has worked. I notice it's better when I am exercising regularly. I think we should both get to a doctor.


Good luck!

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