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i have no willpower

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i need to diet, im not obese but overweight for my age height and gender. im on the pill and so if my blood pressure goes 2 high i will have 2 come off it i dont want that. im 13 stone, i wanna be 10 and a half really. however, im very insecure and dont like the way i look, the only thing i like about me is my breasts. im a 36E and they are the best physical thing about me, theyre natural too, lol. but..........


1) if i loose weight will they become smaller?


2) how shud i diet and stick 2 it coz wenever i try i cant do it? i doesnt help that im a restaurant manager of a burger king!!!!


help plese i wanna be a size 10! i hate myself (apart from the breasts)

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I found that when I lost weight, my breasts shrunk a bit (went down 1 cup), but.... because the rest of me shrunk also, my breasts looked BIGGER in comparison to the rest of my body. My friends actually were complimenting me because they thought my breasts GREW!


Don't worry about the breasts. Just focus on getting the weight back down. I did weightwatchers, and I think that they are a really great program, and it's helped me keep the weight off. link removed



Good luck

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Hi Mairi,


1) Your breasts will probably become smaller, but that all depends on how much you lose. I can't really comment more on that


2) Check out weight watchers

My ex g/f suffered from high blood pressure due to smoking, the pill, and not so healthy diet. Her Dr. wanted to put her on these pills that would keep her blood pressure in check, but they were steriod based...i.e. more weight gain and she would have to take them for an indefinite period. She said stuff that, gave up the cigararettes, started going to the gym (religiously 3x per week) and joined weight watchers. She did it she lost about 3 stone (42 pounds ) in about 4 month. Her 3 friends joined and noticably lost weight too. WW beats all the fad/ crash diets hands down, beacause it's sensible and realistic.


You can do it via the web or you can go to the meetings. Weight Watchers works on a points system. For example, your allocated a number of points per day and each portion/ type of food has a number of points attached to it. You can eat whatever you want (within reason), but you can't go over your allocated points for the day. You get a diary and a handbook to keep track of your progress. I'm not sure if you can buy those separately.


You might also want to research what type of contraceptive pill you are using, as I think some of them tend to increase weight gain and fluid retention.


Oh almost forgot... exercise as well. Walk instead of taking the bus, the stairs instead of the escalator, etc, etc.





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Your willpower comes from your lifestyle. Losing weight and living a more healthy lifestyle is more than just eating this, not eating that, or counting this or that. It's exercise, it's routine exercise (which should be changed regularly), and it's making better choices in terms of nutrition. It's reading and becoming educated on how the body works, which food do what for your body, etc etc etc. You might start off by reading about it, maybe even subscribe to some kind of fitness magazine to get you in the right mindset. After investing time learning, your willpower will increase because you'll have a specific plan + the knowledge gained will pay off for your lifetime.

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