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Dilemma please help I need advice!

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Hey I'm new here so not sure what kind of response I'll get. I'll try to keep it short.


So basically I moved to London a month ago to attend college. I'm from Dublin and thats where my my family and my boyfriend lives. We've been together almost four years. I've been through a few hard things in my life but never anything as hard as this. I miss my bf so much and my family and friends. I was a very happy person at home and now that I'm here I'm very emotional and sad all the time.I'm finding it incredibly difficult to settle and I thought that after one month things would be looking up but they're not.


So now the opportunity has come up for me to go home. I can drop my course here and go back home to university. But the only thing is that I'm afraid I might regret the decision to give up the opportunity of living away from home for the first time and having this experience. It just seems like I would be taking the easy way out and I might feel like I failed in my task of going away and fending for myself for a while. Will I regret my decision if I decide to bail out and go home to my boyfriend and my nice home and friends? (By the way, where I'm living isn't the nicest area of London).


Please help. I have to decide in the next few days. My boyfriend wants to stay objective and he's trying not to influence my decision which is good. So any advice from outsiders would be invaluable to me.

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I'm not you but if it was me I would stay. I mean going to school abroad is a fantastic experience. Of course it will be hard and you'll miss your family but think about all the new people you could meet and things you could do. Also it will help you grow as a person and you'll learn to be less dependant on others. Thats what I think but its up to you I don't think anyone at this forum could say for sure what exactly you should do.

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I just got back from a year abroad - a year away from my friends, family, and boyfriend. It was definitely hard to be away from them, and I was very homesick.


The experience was completely worth it in the end. I met some amazing people, visited places that many only dream about, and experienced a different way of life. And it does get easier to deal with the homesickness as time goes on. The first few months are the worst. How long will you be away? Are you only doing a semester abroad or are you planning on doing all 4 years there? Also, what are the possibilities of visiting and getting visitors? I was in Japan while my family and friends were in the US, and I was lucky enough to get a few visitors... Ireland and England are much closer geographically, but I don't know about costs involved at all.

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I'm actually only here for one semester which seems so short in everyone else's eyes but to me it seems like forever. So I'll be able to go back home in January to finish uni there anyway.


I suppose things could be so much worse like you said I could be in Japan thousands of miles away. I get visitors and I'm going home for one weekend between now and christmas which is ok. After hearing both your advice I think I might just stick it out. I've been told that the semester abroad experience is meant to be enjoyed not suffered and at the moment I'm suffering but I'll just have to try harder to push past it.

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I agree, I think since it is such a short time it would be in your best interests to stick it out. The homesickness will pass soon, and on the days where it is almost unbearable, remind yourself that you will be home soon.


Good luck and I hope you enjoy your time there. ^_^

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Against everybody's best advice I've decided to go home. I don't know if it's the right decision but it's made now so I have to deal with it. I really feel like I've failed I didn't think it would be this hard of a decision, a few weeks ago I would have been home like a shot. But now......I don't know.


This has all been really tough I hope I can just go home and be happy instead of wondering if I did the right thing. Thanks everyone for your advice, you were probably all right and I'll widh I listened to you.

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