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A continual argument

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I have been dating a guy for 6 months now. We are in a commited relationship and I have no fear of him cheating on me. Here is the issue:

He is an exhibitionist, he wants to start stripping for people over the internet (via cam) and display nude photos of himself (not artistic) for people upon request. He did this occansionally before we started dating and quit after we were in a relationship. He wants to start doing it again, he even suggested to personal shows for people at their home, he has done this before and says its not about sex its about him showing off his body.

I dont like this and dont want him to start doing these shows. I dont mind him posing for artistic photos and if fact if he wants to thats fine, but I dont like the fact he wants to internet sites with him in explict scenes and doing strip shows. I believe that it takes the intimacy from a relationship and I scared how far it will go. He says he has no problem showing someone anything if the want to see it. He says I'm a prude and reaffrims it wont lead to affairs of sexual contact.

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If you have different views on this, this could be a big conflict for sure.


What is his reasoning for doing it - ego? Self confidence?


I think you both have different ideas of what the "limits" should be, and you both need to come to a compromise if you want this to work...otherwise if there is no compromise and he goes ahead, you will likely feel hurt and betrayed. If he does not do it, he may feel restricted/resentful.


Why does he not want to do artistic photos?

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He has only expressed that he likes having people want him and then denying them. He does want to do the artistic photos and I dont have an issue with that, I'm artist and have nude models pose for me, so it would be hypicritcal of me not to let him pose for others. But the whole stripping thing, I guess you could look at it as an artform.

I mean when we started dating we were out at a club and he "showed someone the goods", after that the person asked me if we had group sex and want to know if he could join. It all seemed so tacky and sleezy.

There is no comprimise on this issue he says he is going to do it.

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