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Unprotected sex near end of period, but used ECP.


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My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex without birth control and did not use a condom. She said she was near the end of her period, because her bleeding was very light. When it was over, there was a tiny bit of blood on me.


We had gotten caught up in the moment, and made a very stupid mistake. I pulled out before I came, but saw a tiny bit of precum when I pulled out. She had a bottle of ECP, and took them as instructed a little less than 24 hours after the fact.


I know that these questions cannot be answered for certain, but I just want to get an idea. How effective is the ECP? Does the fact that she was near the end of her period make it more or less likely that she will get pregnant?

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If the took the Emergency Contraception as directed, she should be okay. It should not of been her most fertile time, but it always can vary of course...as I say to anyone there is *always* a chance. If her period lasts 6 days say, and sperm can live for up to 5 days...well, it is possible she can ovulate around 11th day depending on her cycle and how regular her ovulation is...there are no guarantees.


Other than that, you'll have to wait to know. But if she took the pills correctly, it *should* be okay...

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If she took the ECP correctly then I wouldnt worry about it. However I have seen some discrepency in the amount of time that sperm can survive inside the vaginal environment the range can be up to 7 days. As far as your situation is concerned you messed up but you did use the ECP and thats all you can do. There is no point in worry about it now.

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So it's possible the ECP won't work because the sperm could survive?


Can someone explain this?


ECP does not kill sperm, it just makes it harder for it to get to the egg, and prevents the egg from implanting if it fertilizes. So the sperm can survive, and the ECP is not 100% effective..so pregnancy can still occur.

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My thinking is that the fact that I pulled out before I came leaves that there are probably little to no sperm present.


Am I also correct in thinking she is less likely to become pregnant because she was still technically in her period because of the blood?


Well, that depends. Sperm can still be released in precum - not as often, not as many, but it happens. Talk to the many many many couples who have found this out.


And no, because that has nothing to do with it. Sperm live in your body for up to 5 (or as Daywalker said could be 7) days, they just need to hang around waiting for ovulation. Being at the end of her period is riskier even...around "Day 14" on a 28 day cycle is when you ovulate. If her period was 7 days, you had sex Day 7....well, you count.


The ECP can help prevent ovulation too (forgot to add that above) but its still not a guarantee.

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