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bf's working more, no time to talk :(

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My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for a LONG TIME- 6 years. We've had issues about how often we speak to each other on the phone, text message, or what have you. He's so busy that he's okay with not talking eveyday. ON the other hand, I'm only at work 3 days a week, so i have tons more time alone. He's recently taken a 2nd job and now he's ALWAYS tired. So now there's not much time for visits OR phone time. I understand this, but it doesn't make it easier for me. He thinks that because he's working and earning his income, that I should not only understand, but that I should fully accept it by not being upset that we don't get to talk much. Am I overreacting or something? I do feel neglected. But he thinks I don't have the right to feel neglected because he's working and this how he pays his bills. How should I handle this? I think there should be more compromise on his part. For instance I asked him to send me a text when he gets home and feels like he needs to head right to bed to say "i'm home, i'm really tired, gonna head to bed". But there's been times when 2-3 nights in a row where I don't get a phone call (not even when i've left him a voice mail first) or a text message. So how do I let him know that he still needs to make an effort, without sounding like i'm selfish, or without sounding like i don't care that he's struggling financially?

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personally...if i dont get the attention i deserve...i leave. i CAN be understanding though if i know the situation will not be forever. but since this guy's life will always be like this....do you really want your best relationship to be with a guy who can never give you what you want...which is his time?


- ivy

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i really don't know. i feel neglected very often actually. but i always accept his reasons/excuses and sometimes i even make them for him. we've been together for so long. i always think that if we were in the same city i would be okay with him working or being busy, because then we'd probably spend so much time at each other places. i'm always shaky on this subject. i go back and forth between complaining to him or ignoring the way i feel about it all.

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