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Should I follow through? Or just give up?..

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Ever since Hurricane Katrina had hit, my boyfriend of a little over 1 year, had to move away due to his father - 'sort of' - losing his job, because of the destruction Katrina had done to the Air Force Base where his father works at. However, his father had got called in this past weekend to come back to the base to do some work. They still have their house and all, but they're still not quite sure if their move is just temporary... or for good.


Which leaves me stuck here.. not knowing what to do.. or much less think.

But my boyfriend on the other hand, is totally content and comfortable with the idea of staying together.. even with the 2 1/2 hour distance we're in. He knows exactly what he wants. He's even mentioned getting us promise rings...

Me, however, am still kind of pondering about the whole situation. I mean... like most say, 'it's only a matter of time before our hearts give up on one another.'


But another part of me is willing to give it a try & stick with him through this tough time we're dealing with, because of the hurricane and all..

I mean, why not just give it a shot if the move is only temporary?.. After all, I do love him as much as my age possibly knows how to...

But if it comes to the point where the move is permanent.. I don't know if I'll be able to handle, or much less endure the emotional pain. Especially at my age. I'm only a Junior in HS... I still have my whole life ahead of me.


I don't know what to think, do, or say.. so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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