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Just Tell me its gonna be Ok

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my friends and i went out and my Ex was there. I had a blast but i feel lonely whenever i realize that he's not coming home with me.


I miss him so much but i know it's over.


I guess i just need some encouraging words to make me feel better. Please share.

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I think it's normal to grieve ANY loss, and the more someone meant to you, the harder that loss is to 'get over'


Sorry you're hurting--it means you cared deeply--but, chin up, sounds like you're on the right path by accepting the situation and getting 'back out there'

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I know how this feels,


My partner just broke up with me a few days ago. I've been crying, haven't been able to sleep well, or eat well. I get nightmares when I sleep and when I wake up I feel lost for about 30 minutes thinking where the hell did our world go? why is this happened? where is he? what should I do?.


My ex and I have been through so much together, so much! It felt like we've been together for four years and yet we were only together for 9 months.

There was not a day when I wouldn't hear from him or see him. And I still get the feeling of 'where is he?' when I wake up or if I'm alone in the house, I feel lost and that I need him.


For me it's hard to try and forget the things we shared. I still have our photos together. The thing is I don't want to throw them away, I want to cherish the time that we had. Maybe I want to forget the way when we were lovers, but we are also friends and the memories we had together didn't just resemble lovers, it resembled - friendship, companionship and kinship. These things are what I still hold dear to me regardless of the fact that I lost his romance. I haven't lost his love in general.


But because I'm used to being 'around him' and vice versa, I'm not used to being by myself or not have him around, I get uncomfortable, depressed and anxious. I get anxious to call him and beg for his love back, but I need to controll myself and I have been holding myself from calling him. I am forcing myself to get used to it.


I need to find a way to 'replace' my 'clingyness' towards him with something else besides him to be clingy with. Maybe smoking, or surrounding myself with my family (it doesnt always work), or playing computer games, or travelling to see my cousins (They're always around no matter what I do).

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Its hard, i still cant beat the sight or thought of my ex, and yet i think about her all the time, her new guy she left me for, whether he is better than me at listening, caring, being there.....obviously she thinks so. Just think, right foot, left foot.....and start to walk away

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