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People have told me that i look like a....

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Ok here is my deal....


I am 14 years old and 5'6. People have told me that i look like a sophmore in college or somethin'. I recently found out that a 21 year old keeps bugging this guy that knows me to introduce him to me.


I have got this 17 year old after me, but then has a girlfriend and all.


I mean what has happened i went from a natural 13 year old to lookin like a 21 year old girl ready to party. I like the fact that i am like this..but then i am sick of my mom acting like a complete idiot over it all...I am overall way to mature to act like your average teen.. MY mom tells me i am 14 going on 24.


Are there anyone else out there like this? If so help me here.....

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The joys of adolesense!! Also, I think in part it's about how you chose to present yourself. Don't grow up too quick. You only have 18 years to be a kid in the legal sense and a whole lifetime to be an adult!


What is it that your mom is doing that bothers you if you don't mind my asking? More than likely she's just worried about you!

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well she is like if a guy that looks at me wrong she screams she is only 14 aloud..that bothers me if you know what i mean. My situation here is what do i do about it...i mean i like that fact that guys older than me are interested because i am not going for the guys my age..but then i dont want to f up my life messin around with guys older than me

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Well, I see your mom's point of view, being a mom myself. I wouldn't be screaming at guys and embarrassing you however. Maybe let her know how she is making you feel by doing that. In her defense, it's hard to watch your daughter turn into a woman because our first instinct is to protect! Something you will realize when you are a mom yourself. Hopefully not for a long time. Show her you are responsible and she will trust your judgement more. As I said before, don't rush to grow up and end up with regrets. You have plenty of time to date and experience the world. Do be careful with who you choose to date. Again, age is one of those things that can pose a problem based on the individual's maturity level.

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I have had college guys do that to me when I was 13 and now that I'm 15 there's ladys at some place who think i'm above 18 and they wanted to sell lingere (spell??) to me......its kinda a blessing yet a curse at the same time, you just gotta watch out for who's eye you catch and to not get involved physically with guys that are like 4 or more years older.



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My mom looked old for her age. What were the benefits? She's only been to Vegas twice in her entire life, both times she was underage by a year and two years respectively and was able to play at the tables. Now I'm not saying to do things illegally like the crazy people of the 70s, but be aware of how you look. Don't get too carried away with being able to act like a party girl, because you're not... yet. Enjoy it now, but control yourself. There's not much else you can do really.

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hey wow im EXACTLY LIKE YOU and it started happening to me when i was 11. its got its perks and its downfalls. but soon you'll look more your age, trusttt me. and hey the flattery of the guys is great right, great confidence booster for the fragile teenage girl. and yes your mom is going ot freak a bit but whatever. as long as you dont encourage anything its all good. enjoy it, embrace it and you know what im very mature for my age and sometimes i wish i wasnt but sometimes im glad i am. just be yourself das it!

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