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i used to always pop my neck, but i found on this website that it really was not safe. i mean, i kinda that already, but i saw that it really is something i shouldn't do. so anyway, i know a lot of you probably do it too, but this site kinda tells why it's not safe


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just thought some of you would be interested. take care

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I don't believe it, I think it's a bunch of crap. I twist my hips a bit and it pops and it just loosens me. Let me tell you a story, ok so I used to be able to pop my neck when I was I think 10 or 11 can't remember I was on a playground. And I was on top of the slide (not the safe spot) and I tried jumping off of it and onto the slide for speed and I fell off the 20 foot slide falling headfirst into the bark (it was hard at the bottom, the bark was I guess you can say soft but it wasn't like falling into a sponge nor was it as hard as concrete but it was like 60% hard 40% soft.) and then after I saw stars and stuff and got up and I wasn't crying or anything I was fine except my neck hurt, I actually didn't break anything. I went to the doctor and my parents told my doctor that I "crack" my neck and back if that has anything to do with it. And the doctor said that if it wasn't for that and my neck was stiff I could have been seriously injured. Then I got lectured on not doing stupid stuff like that again and etc from my parents. I had another accident around that age playing football and it had something to do with my neck and my assistant coach said that if I didn't pop my neck and do neckups (or whatever there called I can't remember too young) I could have gotten more hurt than what I got.


So that's a bunch of crap, I've been doing it since I was about 6 or 7 years old. I wouldn't recommend listening to it. Though I do believe cracking your back is safer than the neck, because the neck basically the start of the spine and if you screw that up you can get paralyzed and what not so yeah.

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I'd explain the whole science behind cracking a body joint, but its late.

It is not bad for you, unless you use a lot of force, and force the joint to crack. That is when you could hurt yourself. Honestly that is a teribbly written link. Why? Its just a way to get you into the office where they work. Don't crack your own back, let me do it for a small fee of $200.


So I ask you if someone is going to be adjusting your spine, which will directly affect your nervous system, don't you want the most qualified expert there is available? Of course you would. So when you want to get an adjustment go to the experts in the field. Over the last 20 years plus I have personally given millions of adjustments to thousands of patients of all ages and had great success in doing so.



This is like a dentist telling you not to brush because it could harm your gums and take off the enamel on you teeth. Its a weird addiction(cracking toes/fingers/back/whatever) but its not bad for you.

Now remember, don't make funny faces cause your face might stay like that forever!

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I crack lots of my joints... neck, spine, elbow, knuckles, ankles, toes, jaw, knees, wrists. hehe


Santa, what I mean my cracking (or popping) joints is when you put sufficient force on a particular joint causing it to make a 'cracking' noise.


I think doing it actually has a purpose other than freaking people out lol. I do alot of skateboarding, as well as playing piano and guitar. After cracking the right joints, my limbs feel loser and more flexible - I can't play some piano pieces without cracking my fingers for a good while because of the speed and flexibility needed.


I've heard that doing it gives you artheritis, but as a medical student, have never really come accross any concrete evidence of this. Maybe a rumour started off by mothers who didn't like their kids doing it hehe?


Helpme, I'd be interested to know the science behind cracking joins.. maybe fill me in when you're well rested hehe. Has it got anything to do with ligaments being snapped over one another?



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When you crack your fingers, or any joint, what you are doing is releasing gasses. The gas is stuck inbetween your joints in a libricating fluid called Synovial fluid.(I'm not sure how it gets stuck there, maybe from the joint moving in and out sucking in the gas from the blood stream???) When you bend(or pull) the joint, past where it might not mormally bend(or pull), you release the gas that is stuck in the joint. The gas is rapidly released and thus makes a popping noise. You can't always crack joint right away because you have to wait for the gas to build back up in the fluid. I used to be able to crack my toe over and over and over again, I have no idea how that works.

Make sense? I'm always online researching how stuff works. I'm filled with usless facts like this^.

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link removed are great when you are bored and in the mood to learn.

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