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Should I break up with him?

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I decided to go out with someone KNOWING I was probably going to be a rebound for him. I wanted to be nice and I really cared for him. I also wanted to help him get over the other girl. So now he still kinda likes *the other girl* but he says he loves me. Now, for one, I'm sure he doesn't love me .. it's really far from love. (At least to the extent that I've felt it to). So idk what do to. Should I stay with him.. or not? I've grown really attatched to him and so has he to me. It kinda hurts when I know he still likes some other girl and idk what to do


I guess I could just get over it and still be with him, but is that really healthy? I feel like our 'love' isnt growing as it should in a regular relationship. ahhh. any input would be nice. so what do i doooo

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I would be careful if it is a rebound relationship. Does he want to get back together with this other girl? I would have a heart to heart with him and just be honest with your feelings for him. Maybe he just needs some time to sort out his feelings. You shouldn't stay in a relationship when you are "second best" to an ex. You deserve to be "the best" for someone.

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Pressuring you into doing sexual things? That is not good, he is definitly not being respectful. Sounds like he might be using you. Don't let him use you. If you're not happy let him go. I know there are better guys out there who will treat you with much more respect.

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