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Braces (a toothful topic) :P

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I saw a girl at work today with braces and suddenly remembered how sexy I find them! It's been a while since I've seen a woman with braces, mostly because you get them when you are younger, but I have seen the odd older person with braces.


I don't know what it is about them, perhaps it makes the person that much more 'innocent' than without them.


What are everyone elses thoughts? Has anyone ever made out with someone with braces? Has anyone ever done that while you ALSO had braces?

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I used to have braces at one point in time, and during that time, I had made out with someone who also had braces. That whole getting locked together if you both have braces thing- Totally a myth. It's kind of weird, looking back at it now, kissing when we both had braces didn't really feel much different that kissing when we both got them off.

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I had always wondered about that 'locking up' myth...thanks for breaking that one wide open


Where I went for my braces (which I ended up having for my last year of high school...ugh) one of the receptionists had them, and I would say she was in her mid to late 20s. She was a pretty woman, but with the braces it totally gave her this real innocent, girlish look.


I guess thats what it is that does it for me...almost provides the wearer with a bit of youthfulness. While I had mine on, I really wasn't that self conscious of them...of course, I was far more shy back then than I am now...but still...a very cute look


Kookie: How long did you have them on for?

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I'm not much for braces. I've never kissed a girl with braces, but I just prefer to see their natural teeth. However, nowadays there are more discreet braces, instead of the mouth full of metal. Just because someone has braces doesn't always mean they're all out metal. They have slicker ones, and I think there are transparent kinds.

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