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Post Date Advice Needed

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Quick question--Say you went on a 1st lunch date with a guy last Friday, how long should one usually have to wait before hearing from him again (if he does decide to contact again..) Date had a casual, friendly feel to it--there was an attraction, but not sure if we were compatible in terms of having similar interests or personality types..


Also, should a woman ever contact a guy after the 1st date (under any circumstances)? I'd especially like to have a male opinion on this question..

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I dunno, thats a hard question. I've never really been on a date with someone without knowing that we were probably gonna start going out shortly after. However, if i were in your shoes i would NOT contact him. if he's the one who initiated the date itself, then he should follow-up on it. if he goes more than a week without contacting you, i'd look for other guys. i'd give him til this coming friday and then see what happens.


good luck to you! i hope everything works out for you!

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Hm. Usually I would say to call him, but I think this time you should leave the calling up to him. If he's interested I would give him a week (just because guys usually have a "waiting" period to call- some are a few days some up to two weeks) and if he doesn't call then I would start to assume that he wasn't interested romantically.

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