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whats the best way to flirt without remaining in the FRIEND

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I wonder if it is already too late with this girl. I was quiet, and she was the one who was the aggressor, asking questions about me and laughing. She mentioned things about me in her attempt to open me up more. I guess I have no problem with that, but now I fear that when I do talk to her I don't output the same level of energy and intensity that she does. (I've made her laugh, but not side-splitting laughter. I haven't said anything funny that has stuck with her for days. My mind is more on the class than her, but I don't want to miss out on connecting with her. This IS the summer after all.


So, my brother tells me that I should just flirt with her..have fun with her. But, how exactly? In a classroom setting only, what are the best ways to flirt with a girl beyond complimenting her? I don't want to compliment her in the class because there is ANOTHER girl sitting right next to me that I have an interest in.


The vision or goal that I'm looking at is where me, her, and the other girl have formed our own mini-group in the class, laughing and having fun. Then, after class we still connect via phone or email and I go to a few house parties that she hosts with her friends. And instead of being treated like a FRIEND I'm respected as a guy with a little bit of an interesting edge. And, most importantly, I'M NOT BORING. The risk right now is that I am making myself into a boring person when I'm around her. Girls who desire friendships and/or lovers aren't interested in boring guys.

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Ur right about the boring thing, lol. The main thing that attracts me to guys is when they are out going and well have a sense of humor.

I'm having the same problem as you (only with a guy not a girl) about how to flirt and get attention more with a guy. He's paying attention to me and flirting, I just don't want to as you said become boring and have him stop paying attention.

eh I wish I could help you out, sorry.


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what about telling how exciting my weekend was? this has always been my biggest problem because usually my weekends are plain. This weekend for example, i went to my friend's housewarming party and was greeted by the friendliest chow chow known to man. It was wagging its tail stupidly but I was still wary of it because I've heard over and over that they are temperamentmental dogs. anyways, that is what the public thinks..


When i retell the story to her she might share her opinions about dogs, but would pretty much be an ordinary conversation. last weekend i went to a film festival and told her about the movie i saw.


In another forum, this is what a girl said to me: it's in the details. i think listing out events is boring.


Getting into the details of the sandwhich you made on Sunday or the freak you saw on the bus on Saturday would be more interesting. It's in how you tell the story."


So, then what she was getting at is that it is OK to talk about where you went and all, but to make the conversation more EXCITING, i should share my observations on anything that STOOD OUT or anything special or DIFFERENT that I did, which always involves an ACTION.


This happened to me two weeks ago, but it is still fresh in my mind and people are known to bring up stories: I was at a karoake bar and we had a concoction called Hyp Ice Tea. My buddy and I got on the stage and did a very very drunk imitation of Run DMC. We had scripted out our performance, but we were so drunk that we kept colliding into each other.


Still, this story might be interesting to only a few people, because hey..everyone gets drunk and silly at a bar during the weekend. its common.


What isn't common is trail riding on bikes and coming accross a rattlesnake in the middle of the road..totally defiant and obviously pissed. This happened to a while back as well, but when I told the story to my co-workers they thought I was making it.


heh heh, dayum I need help..

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