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Question for dentist

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Dear people,

In one tooth I lost whole tooth filling. Today i went to dentist, doctor said there is no cavity, only she needs to put new filling and drilling is not needed. I am confused, since always filling change was with drilling.

I had one tooth where cavity was not cleared enough and cavity started to spread under filling. I had to do root canal treatment. What worries me, hopefully she cleaned everything with chemicals before she put me filling today. 🙈

Thank you guys.


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2 minutes ago, turtle3 said:

 hopefully she cleaned everything with chemicals before she put me filling today. 

You don't seem to trust your dentist however they examined you and decided on treatment. Unfortunately you seem to have a lot of anxiety about dentistry but that's ok it's pretty common. 

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She did something before she determined that there was no additional cavity to drill before making that determination, so why not just call the office and leave your question about that with the staff and request a call back from the dentist?

We can’t know the answer, but we can confirm that your question is reasonable, so ask it and get the answer from the appropriate source.

Ideally, the dentist who installed the filling drilled the cavity away before sealing. Yes, it’s unfortunate that a similar job wasn’t comprehensive enough to have prevented your experience, but that’s likely an anomaly. BUT it certainly makes your question reasonable enough to ask.

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Yes, I do not trust haha. No  asked her how come there is no need for drilling and I told her about what happened, she said please do not worry, there is really no need for drilling, there will be no bacteria left, she will clean with chemicals.

Thank you guys 🥰

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My high school ocupation is related to dentistry. Yes, if previous filling has gone in whole(meaning that whole filing was gone) and if there are no cavities, they could just clean it and fill it with other filling without drilling it. Because your tooth already has enough space for a filling and no additional drilling is required.

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