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Why did he block me?

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Silent Treatment = Abuse (Here’s ...
Silent Treatment = Abuse (Here’s Why)
1 minute ago, Missinghim12 said:

3 months ago. He lives in another city for his uni. We meet whenever he is home on his semester break 

Yes- it sounds like much of this relationship/interaction is conducted through typing and you rarely see each other in person.  That increases the risk of misunderstandings/misinterpretations and you acting out of neediness by sending manipulative messages.  At some point it becomes too much for one or both people.  

I think he told you what he did because even if it was a lie he wanted you to get the message that you are blocked and he's not going to do anything about it.  People move towards pleasure and away from pain.  Right now he benefits more from not being in contact with you on social media for whatever reason, so I'd leave it be and give him twice the space he seems to need.  

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5 hours ago, Missinghim12 said:

Last we had a conversation was 2 weeks ago when he texted me to ask if I got my visa yet. That was when he asked to meet him before leaving. And he even told me things like don’t go..you could find a job here. He was even joking about finding him an English wife in the UK, literally no whiff of him being in a relationship. 

Apart from that, he texted 3 or 4 days ago asking if I wanted to join him to play but I declined as I was busy. I understand a video game might seem juvenile to you lot but it is our platform where we mostly converse and play till almost 3 in the morning. It’s more like a phone call where you also play a game in addition. 
And yes you are right, I did want his attention as I wanted to follow up about the hangout before I leave. So I started the conversation with, “hey I thought someone was supposed to treat me? And he replied “you got your visa?”, that is when I joked that yeah I’m leaving tonight and he said “why wouldn’t you meet me before leaving?”. He asked a load of other questions like when is the flight? Who will receive you in the UK? Will you be travelling completely alone? Just like any other friend would.



3 hours ago, Missinghim12 said:

3 months ago. He lives in another city for his uni. We meet whenever he is home on his semester break 

He countered your question with another question and deflected an answer. It all sounds casual and in jest to me, nothing serious or well-thought out. Perhaps you took him at his word and wanted to believe he cared. From the way he speaks to you and the way he acted afterwards blocking you it doesn’t sound to me that he had any intention to meet with you at all. 


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