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Been together 4 years and he has no motivation for buying a house/having a famil


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I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and have been living with him for 3 years in our own apartment. We talk about marriage and kids and buying a house ALL the time. Some days when I bring it up he is in a great mood and gets really excited about our future. Other times he gets extremely angry with me and tells me to stop pressuring him into doing things he is not ready for??? He says he wants a family but not for another few years..... he says he wants to buy a house but isnt "quite ready yet" and wants to be more financially stable. He says he wants to get married before we have kids but when I bring up engagement plans he gets SO angry. I know for a fact that he isnt planning an engagement and hes just getting mad because he thinks I'll spoil it. I'm not really sure how much longer I can wait for these things. I love him with my whole heart but what if he's never "quite ready". Weve been talking about our future for a solid 2 years now and it seems like we havent gotten any further than we were 2 years ago.

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