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Possible Possessive Friend?


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I wouldn't allow a close female friend I've known for years to control me like that, never mind someone I haven't even met in person! You can't tell much from phone conversations, yes everybody can seem nice with a great personality from afar. But even so, this guy screams psycho, and you'd be very smart not to give him any details about whereabouts you live and work, or you may have a very unpleasant surprise.

Your husband is right to be worried, as it's become a safety issue for your family. Possible possessive friend? More like definite psycho... You need to end this "friendship" before you put your and your husband's lives in danger, and you need to tread carefully when doing so. If he has no info on you, then you can just block and disappear. If he does know how to find you, then you will have to be more diplomatic, slow down your communication subtly, offer less and less info about your life, and hope he gets the hint and finds another victim.

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