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I never really liked my life...My mom's an acholholic and my dad likes drugs more than me. I first started cutting in fourth gr and only stopped for bout two weeks but that's it. I became anorexic for a year and couldn't look at food until my mom took me to a hospital, and I told her what was going on and that I take pills,throw up,don't eat, cut and lot more and she told me that I'm a dumb . I hate when ppl say that it's best to tell ur parents but tbh it's NOT. Some parents will comfort u but others won't they will get u a therapist and force every thing to stop. MY ANXIETY ISN'T A SWITCH MOM! My family looks at me different.

My parents don't question my long sleeves but when I have to where something where my arms are exposed I use makeup but sometimes it wont help. I feel like I'm trapped in my head but can't get out. I don't need a shrink and I don't need to cry I just need to get out of my mind for at least five seconds I need advise....


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You have the power to overcome this. Try to use your intellect and reason to overcome your problems and not blame other people for your actions. Lots of people have rotten parents. They overcome it. You are a different person than they are. You don't need their attention or their pity. They don't care. But you can do things for yourself. You just need to decide to be a better person than they are. And if it's all too much, there are free medical services you can seek out to get some meds to lessen the load.

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