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Anger and Weed


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My partner is smoking weed regularly possibly daily. We only see each other at the weekends but when we do it obviously doesnt give him space to smoke the weed as i am around. This then in turn results in anger and huffing and puffing alot and snapping at me for the simplest of things, even if i ask a question he bites my head off.

He says its not the weed and im mad for thinking it is, hes says that i wear makeup to make myself feel better and him smoking weed is doing the same thing.

Even if we have been out and had a nice day, we will get home and all hell breaks loose with his temper.


Is this normal?

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Echoing TWT's question. I'm guessing it has less to do with psychological withdrawal from not smoking weed and more to do with frustration in being compelled by someone else not to do something he enjoys, though both could play a role.


And to echo again, if weed is something you don't do or tolerate, you should be off finding other men who better reflect your values.

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Sounds like he has a problem. You only see him on the weekend, right? He can't go that time without smoking even if he does it every other day? I don't care what vice I have or have had - if I'm dating a girl I can put it down for the time I'm with her. If I can't then I have a problem.


His comparison is ridiculous as well. Next time you see him, don't wear makeup. I doubt you'll be huffing and puffing about it.


Let the baby have his bottle and find someone worthy of your time who doesn't act like a toddler.

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