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I think he's avoiding me?


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I've been dating this guy for about 5 months now. It was so much fun in the beginning but now i think hes getting tired of me. He doesnt really try anymore. He usually doesn't like to do little things i like to do. Like take a nap together, or have him be the bigger spoon. He's younger then me by a year and a half and we are both teenagers so idk i guess hes just being a teenager. But I'm really clingy and i like a lot of attention, i try to see him every chance i get. Im very attached to him and when im not with him i like to face-time him but as soon as he gets home he goes straight on his video games instead of at least checking in with me first. I told him that he could at least tell me if he wanted to be left alone for a bit but he just said "Im just relaxing". idk i may be over attached, i just want to hear what other people think.

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Do you really ask him to take a nap with you? And why does he have to check in with you simply for coming home?


If you're both teenagers, you're fortunate in that you've got plenty of time and room to grow, but I'd strongly encourage you to work on your emotional independence sooner than later. I needed to breathe after just reading your post.

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I think you ought to think twice about being with a guy that is a gamer. You've not got the personality to be excluded for hours on end while you're partner ignores you so he can game... or so it seems.


You'd do better with someone that wants to be with you more and on a game less. IMO

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