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Help! I don’t know what this guys intentions are.


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I met this guy about 3 months ago through a mutual friend, we hit it off that night & exchanged numbers. We texted a bit here & there, then he mentioned that he was doing renovations on his house, which I just finished on mine. I asked if he needed help, I ended up helping on & off for about 2 weeks but that turned into cuddling in his bed & watching movies, frequently. Our texts have gotten a lot more flirty since then as well.


Now it has been about 2 months, we text back & forth most of the week, the movies & cuddling has now turned into a 2-3x per week thing & we go out for drinks & wings sometimes too.


I really like this guy but I find it kind of strange that we haven’t moved past the cuddling phase yet, he hasn’t even tried to kiss me, hold my hand or anything like that. Im too nervous to make the first move but I’m getting confused, like are we just friends who cuddle? Because I eventually want something more, Im ok taking it slow but I need to know if he even likes me!

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I would say the best advice is to just be out in the open with how you are feeling. If you are comfortable with him I dont find harm in casually asking him if he sees you more than just a friend and kind of just see where he is in his life. You could mention that you really enjoy the time you guys spend together and just casually ask while you guys are chilling his opinions on dating etc.

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He could be waiting for you to give him a sign. These days with all the discussion about sexual abuse and harassment, men are confused. While you're cuddling one night try kissing him. If he pulls away, then you know he's not interested in that and you're wasting your time if you're looking for romance. If he starts kissing you back, see if it leads to something more. Don't be afraid to ask him to make love to you, if it's heading in that direction. It is strange he hasn't even kissed you or held your hand. A lot of Millennials don't seem to know how to move past the friends stage. They're use to hanging out and watching TV with their friends, but they're stumped at taking things further. I hope he's just been waiting for a sign from you.

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