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I am so so lost


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Long story short. I was with the same man for 10 years (married) and found myself single for the first time at 31. In a world full of dating apps and swiping, I am completely lost. I hooked up with a 26 year old who I knew well from back home. There is a 3 hour distance between us. We start heavily texting every day all day and he’s came to see me and I’ve come home to see him. I get home today and I’m excited to see him (as I’ve started to like him). He completely blows me off...? Doesn’t text me back (and I see he’s active on other social media apps) and has since not responded to my message. I am so confused and honestly hurt. What happened? Why is he blowing me off without even an explanation? We grew up together and our families are friends and neighbours, which makes this even more shocking. I have two questions I suppose. 1. Why? What happened? What could have possibly happened in a few hours of me driving home to make him treat me this way. 2. How do I move forward. I can accept he doesn’t want to move this to an exclusive relationship but to just ignore me like this when I came down specifically to see you? Also, on a side note he has my purse with all my ID in it (left it in his car last time I saw him). I can’t leave this awkward because of our families and the fact that I’m close with his sister.



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My guess is, what happened is he's 26. Which isn't fair to all 26 yr. old guys, but I bet a good amount of them aren't too excited to settle into a serious relationship yet, and a relationship with you when your families are close, would be a lot of pressure for him to make it work. Also, the dating apps provide tons of options, which is enticing to guys.


Dating these days requires a thick skin. Just ignore it and let it blow over. Unfortunately he isn't for you right now, and he's handling it really immaturely. Can you get your purse from his sister?? It'll be ok. Sorry he flaked :( Keep your chin up!

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Was this a planned visit wherein you and he made arrangements to be together or were you just springing this visit on him and expecting him to be available to see you?


You don't mention that you were dating exclusively and if you have not talked of exclusivity then its likely that he is dating others and that is why he isn't responding.

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