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Socializing after a break up

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So my ex and I have the same circle of friends, want to point that out first. So my ex and I broke up a few weeks ago and we havnt spoken or seen each other since but because we have the same friends I keep seeing posts with her on social media. So I deleted my facebook and other forms of social media to get some space. But I cant keep doing this because I want to use them.


I just want to know when will I know Im ready, how will I know. It seems pretty obvious but I just need guidance from others.


Actually, should I remain friends wit her, is it possible?

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I'm in the exact situation I don't have the answer and I hate putting friends in the middle. Right now I'm laying low summer is coming and I know there will be lots of events to attend and she will be there. I'm hoping by then I'm prepared for it right now I'm not. I do have the answer to the last part in my situation I can never be friends I don't know about yours.

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No, don't try to remain friends. If you run into each other, just be polite and civil. That's all.


How do you know when you are over someone? Well....when the thought of running into them doesn't make you feel anxious. It's genuinely in the "meh" category.


You might want to start looking for some new friends to hang out with and do things with to help you move on. Branch out. It will be good for you and help you get over the break up.

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There is not a better word than the one @DancingFool used - "civil".


Once a breakup occurs, people change. You do not want to be friends with an empty mould, do you?


Inadequately, she will do EVERYTHING possible for you to feel bad. Photos of her and a new guy, she will start messaging you on pointless occasions.


Just stop.


Forget about her.


This is a sign, that you need to upgrade your social circle. Meet new people, inherit new habits, change your routine, heck, change the road you take to work/school.


Moving on is the hardest thing, I am currently experiencing this. Time needs to pass.

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