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Breaking up with a *friend*


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I have been dating this guy about 5 months and it’s been very weird in ways that we’d argue then talk and very much on and off. I think he has been using me but the thing is I don’t mean to or even recognises that he’s using me. He’ll take money off me etc, we were dating but then it was me that said I was not feeling it and we should stay as friends. But then he’d sleep over and we’d flirt and end up having sex. Basically I’ve realised I’m last on his list of priorities and despite it hurting I don’t want him in my life anymore and tomorrow intend to tell him bluntly as that’s the only way this is gonna finally end. I’m gonna miss him like hell and wonder what he’s doing but I don’t want him in my life! I’m lonely and am dreading what’s coming but surely you’re better being alone than being used for money.

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Get rid of him. You're wasting good dating years in pursuit of a lifemate by keeping this guy in your life and stagnating you in this eff buddy situation you're in.


Quit letting him take advantage of your good nature and do that by blocking him from getting in touch with you. He does it when he knows you're missing him and weak and so he gets his way with you again. Get off the merry-go-round.


Post back and let us know how it goes when you dump him.

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