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Depression in the morning..

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It’s almost been a year now, I don’t miss everything about her anymore but the loneliness and yearn for a deep bond still lingers after going through many evolutions of the breakup stages. While the days and months pass, I look back and know that my wounds are healing, that I am in fact getting better. That doesn’t stop me from missing that deep bond we once shared together. You know.. the kind of bond where you don’t even have to talk with your voices when you’re laying down in bed in the morning, your souls are just connected and it’s pure bliss in your mind.. yeah that one. Sometimes when I am alone, I think about our time together in Italy. I think about how at one time she was my best friend, that feeling of losing a friend hasn’t gone away. I am sure some of you know how terrible this feeling truly is. You recognize that at one point in time your souls were intertwined, thinking to yourself that it would feel so good to go back to the way things were at one point in the relationship.


I miss the deep connection. I wish immature things hadn’t gotten in the way of something so beautiful, but it seems that’s just the way things go with a girl in her early 20’s. I know that the next girl is going to be very lucky to have someone as deep as I am, I look forward to those days.. (23m) I write this humbly.


Do any of you have advice for me? Do any of you have success stories with ‘second loves’ ? This was just a venting post. It’s therapeutic for me.


If any of you care to comment please do. Always love the feedback.

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I have felt that. You will feel it again. Keep learning about relationship dynamics, communication styles, your own self esteem, all that, and it will come to you again and better. Be the person you want to be with, and you will attract her.


Yes, it does happen.

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Hope you're doing okay. I know exactly how you feel. It isn't easy believe me.


I experienced this with my first ever love and we've been broken up for two months.


It can take people years to get over somebody they once shared with this and I bet you feel like you will never be able to experience that same connection with anybody else again, but believe me she wasn't right for you and it happened for a reason so that someone better can come into your life.


Chin up and take it easy x

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