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Miss Y

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Hi everyone.

So i just recently broke up with my ex. We’ve been together for 2 years. I cant seem to move on. But he seems to be fine without me. Saw him adding girls now. Idk how to feel. How can someone just changed his feelings in one day? Idk where i go wrong. 😣

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Hey Miss Y, breakups are never easy. I am also experiencing a breakup from a 4 year relationship and I know what you're going through. Now there can be many reasons as to why he is adding girls we have to remember that everyone experiences breakups and that most importantly they are free to do what they wish as they are no longer with us. Now I dont believe feelings change in one day unless he had unattached himself from the relationship way before. Keep your head up, keep busy! Its been over a month and it stills hard but it gets better!

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hey Miss Y,


Welcome to the forum.


Sorry to hear you are going through this.


Blossom is correct. Often one of the two people in a relationship have already switched off and moved on right under the other one's nose.


It hurts alot to those left stranded, but it sadly happens.


Head up and feel free to vent on here whenever you need to.

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His feelings more than likely didn't change in one day, OP. I realize it feels that way sometimes, but that's rarely the case.


Dumpers nearly always check out emotionally before actually ending it, even if they manage to keep up appearances until the end. I am sorry you're going through this, though. I would advise blocking or deleting him on social media so you cannot see who he's adding; it's too painful and will make your mind jump to the worst conclusions.


Why did you break up, out of curiosity?

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It all depends on your reason for breaking up, him adding girls isn’t a true reflection of how he feels, if anything he is probably hurting and trying to block the pain out by forcing himself to move on. I’ve just broken up with my boyfriend and I cry every night. Yet I’ve been on dates, I’m on dating apps and added boys on social media, I’m in no shape over my ex and I’d love nothing more than to have him back, sometimes it can be a coping mechanism

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I dont know why i dont have the heart to remove or block him on all social media.


The reason he gave me when i asked why he left me was that he thinks our relationship is pointless. Idk why. I think its because its LDR. Its funny that he dares to say this after two years being together.

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Idk why i just keep on remembering the words he said to me before this huge break up. We had a fight before and he wanted to be done. Then he begged and said he wont leave me again. And to my suprise it was like two weeks after that, this huge break up happened. Me being left again. 😔😔

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