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Relationship really confusing me..


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Hi I've been seeing a lad about five months and I really like him.

He knows or should know that I want a relationship from the word go and I thought he did too.

However he hasn't really been communicating much with me this few weeks past..he doesn't answer my questions or replies for conversation just updates me on what he's been at during the day.

we normally chat a good bit by text and I usually see him once during the week and frequently at weekends. However this past week he has told me last minute he wouldn't see me and made no comment about the weekend just told me he'd seen me and my child leaving the cinema as he arrived with his kids..didn't want to meet up with us after that and told me he wouldn't see me tonight as he was heading out with the lads for Christmas drinks..normally I wouldn't see him when he has the kids anyway unless we stayed out with them..it all seems rude and inconsiderate. Maybe I'm being emotional do you think?

If I ask him straight out he I predict will say something like he's been so busy or that he has told me why etc..

Maybe it's just we're not suited and not communicating as a result it just all seems strange to me?

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