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Steve Z

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So I'm still going through the phases of an unexpected break up.


Glad to say I'm doing very well in the healing process and realizing the positives of this separation. Don't get me wrong she has every right to break up with me. I know I did nothing wrong for things to end the way they did. My ex is as selfish and delusional as they come especially when it comes to this topic. Just the total lack of awareness of how she handled things really says wonders about who she is as a person. Honestly would have given her the world and maybe one day she will realize " what did I do". I know I deserve better and will find better because I know my self worth.


At this point i know where i stand with her "Hes a great guy" yeah whatever. She recently joined a sorority and i guess she will be content with being passed around amongst fraternities(I know how it works cause im in one). Before we were together she slept around and I guess i thought i could change that...but as the saying goes "A leopard cannot change its spots."


I really hope she does not come back to me because it will be a comedy central roast on her.

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I read your previous posts and I want to say I recently underwent a breakup as well. My relationship was short term but feelings are feelings. However, this guy used similar reasons, saying that he wanted to focus on himself. I, myself, feel that he just used that as an excuse to be with someone else. Anyhow, if you read my post there were other circumstances that may have played a role. But, he became distant these past few weeks and he talked about meeting someone else. So I feel that he met someone and let go of me as soon as he got the chance. And yes, before he was with me he slept around as well.


I don’t mean to dump my story on you but Steve I just wanna say, like many other people on here, that I understand and I’m going through this pain now. I signed up for a gym membership(I am friends with majority of the staff there so I know I’ll get a good deal and I need their company really). I saw him tonight unexpectedly and it hurt. I’m glad you’re doing well and moving forward in the process. I wish the best for you and I hope I can be in the same place as you.

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