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Dating Someone Who Reminds me of my Ex


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I recently found this lovable guy who may be the carbon copy of my ex. The guy is almost the same except for a few things. These few things are almost all the things I wish my ex had. Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this freaky kind of encounter. Would you date someone that reminded you of your ex? I'm scare of projecting my past relationship on the guy.

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Yeah. I mean the very reason you were attracted to your ex OR any guy really, is because they have certain qualities at large that you personally find attractive. I think the trick is indeed to find the qualities you like in a person without the deal breaking negatives that might go along with it.


I actually came across a guy who looked uncannily like my ex. It wasn't intentional because in pics they didn't seem similar, but in real life, very much so. Not even just looks but similar self carriage and mannerisms. At first I found it rather disconcerting and like you, was wondering if I could really do this. However, then I realized that he isn't my ex, he is way way better and I did find my ex attractive, so I did find the new guy attractive too. The new guy's good qualities actually overwhelmed and erased any thoughts of my ex over time. The new guy became his own person in my eyes much faster than I expected to be honest. Like I really stopped thinking that he reminds me of my ex pretty fast.

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