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Response to a drunk text when you want her back


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2 years together, a month or so apart.

I was at a bachelor party last night, and she was at a hens party (different cities, different weddings)


So, last night I got a drunk text from her saying "All I want to do is come home to you and it's not fair"


Last night I replied with "Haha I'm drunk too! Hope those hens look after you and you're having fun (tried not to engage in drunken relationship talk, but still tried to sound friendly and happy"


It's been almost 24 hours and she hasn't followed up with anything else and I haven't either.

I want to know what she meant by "it's not fair"... But I shouldn't pick the scab right?


Help me assuage my desire to contact her!!



Thanks for reading!

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"It's not fair" means either she can't, because you are broken up,

or she doesn't like the fact she's feeling like she wants you.


A drunken text is just that. If she doesn't reply again, don't bother.


You obviously are still in contact because you knew where she was, correct?

Who did the dumping here, and why?

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