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Cancer woman, and getting her back after all


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I trie to make it as simple and short as possible.

So iwas dating a cancer woman, but was allso toghether with a nother woman friends with benefits, i was with him as long as i figured out that we were serious.

After that i stopped with thath friend. But it took like 2-3 months before we were shure thath we are a couple and like eachother more than just a fling.

It that timeperiod i had relatsion with both of them. Mostly with the cancer but few times with the friend. I lived with this friend.

So as soon as it went serious i moved out. Time went buy and i started liyng about that firend if she asked, because i was afraid to loos her.

So some lyes went to a snowball effect. And went out of hand. Never the less, we stayd together and she never find out about that or any other lies that came

beacuse all of it.

So one day the friend (i think she had feelings) allwasy one part of fwb have feelings, and i know that i didint.

She asked about me from my ex gf, who knew my now ex gf. She asked about me and told him what we had and so.

So my ex contacted my now ex gf and spill the quts with very over the top accuration. More than half of the story was worng, pluss she told some sick

form our relationship as well. And told him to connect with my fwb girl, so it all unraveled.

I even didint say anaything back, i just said ima very sorry from the bottom of my heart that i lied to you. And thaht the beginning of our relationship when i wasnt sure i didint end with that firend.

Now here are we.

She is so mad, and hurt, she still talks with me but said that see only uses her hed, he cant cope with feelings right now, she but them away.

its her defence mechanism, i know that.


But i want her back, its been 3 weeks and i know that she still cant sleep, thiks about me and is sad.

I went to pshyolist because i didnt know what to think of myself, i know i messed up, but i really love her, and i allso know that she heard the angry women talk

from the both of them. And it was very far from the truth.


Im willing to do anything.

I have meet her, we have talked, we have laught. And we still sms sometimes and write letters.

One point she told me that she wants to cut me off but she didnt.

She told that she cant be with me and she never conna love me again. But deep inside she dose, deep inside she misses me. She told me that as well in one letter.


Any advice is creat. and i allready know i ed up. Thats clear. Now how to move forward?

How to get the wall down and get back to her good side

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If this is about Cancers in general, I have had my fair share of experience with one.

It was a man though.


Cancers are very moody. It takes long , and I mean LONG, to open up. Once they do and then get hurt, its all backwards from there. To pull them out of this you need to be patient, and loving, and caring. Even then its like a mystery to get back in. Once I broke up with my cancer ex, i tried to connect to him for years. He just never opened up. They feel pain on a deeper level and they usually have a hard time trusting again.


Id say be patient and kind, but do know it may be hard to hang in there. It sometimes seems hopeless. Just be caring. Thats my greatest advice. And do what u say you will do. No fake promises.


Goid luck.

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