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Why did she even call me?


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I move on from this girl and say, hey if she doesn’t respect my time enough to stop playing games then I’m done. A couple days later she calls and tells me, it’s weird we haven’t spoken in so long. Plus some other stuff. So I stupidly respond and acknowledge that is has been a little weird. I ask her how’s she been. And she doesn’t respond. I’m thinking hey maybe, she’s done with the. But here comes the crappy. Oh I get to him when I get to him. Why she even call me if she didn’t wanna talk to me? I don’t get it I know a lack of response isn’t that big of a deal. But this just feels like some stupid game to me. Why start a conversation to then ignore me.

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>>So I stupidly respond and acknowledge it has been a bit weird."


^This may be why she hasn't responded back. She was expecting a different response.


It's anyone's guess what she was expecting, perhaps something more reassuring, who knows.


I actually get it.


I once sent an 'ex' (guy I dated briefly) an email, and his response was so "meh" I just let it go. Clearly he was no longer interested.


I ran into him a few weeks later and he was like "why did you never respond back"? lol

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