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New onset of anxiety post break up

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So my ex girlfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago, after 3 years of being together.

For the most part it was a really great relationship with a lot of love and caring for each other, but in the last couple of months

I guess the passion started dying and we started drifting off as our goals in life

become somewhat different (she wanted to focus on developing her career and i wanted to start a family).

We would constantly fight about it but we were unable to reconcile the differences and eventually 2 weeks ago

she broke it off.

Even though I am broken inside and hurting nonstop, I did not bag her to take me back and been

maintaining strict NC.

I had break ups before, and I handled them relatively well and eventually i got over them.

This time, I am 32 years old with a very decent job, I had to move back to my parents

(not out of choice), and it just happened that my work cut on a lot of hours.

I have never in my life had anxiety issues, but for some reason ever since the break up, i cant shake this anxiety off.

I have tried dating apps (it has been a week since i signed up) but i have no luck there.

I assume that me moving back to my parents, cutting hours at work and my failure with meeting someone new all

contribute to the anxiety. Whereas my sense of self worth was at the highest when i was with my ex, now I just

feel so down all the time, living with my parents again and thinking that I will never find anybody else as great as my ex.

I know that I will need time to heal and rebuild my life, but in the meantime its very hard to go day by day.

Just venting a bit, I wish for better days for everybody in here, we all need to hang on there

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I was blissfully married 5 years...It's been 3 months since I moved out...5 days since she last contacted me, and 12 hours since I ran into her and her new BF.


Today is brutal and I'm paralyzed...


Yes, more time is needed...2 weeks is nothing....



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