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Is she interested in me?


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I have a coworker named Pam who I get along pretty well with. She compliments me if I dress nice or when I get a haircut. I don't get these compliments from any of my other coworkers. We've never had lunch before until the other day. I asked her if she wanted to check out a new lunch spot. I expected her to invite other coworkers but in the end it was just me and her. During the lunch, she got more personal than I expected. She told me about her dating life and how she got dumped by a guy she was seeing casually the night before. She also asked if I was friends with another female coworker outside of work. Not sure if she was gauging my feelings towards the other coworker or not. But this other coworker (let's call her Jennifer) and I talk a lot because our offices are next to each other.


Is this an indication of something more from Pam? Usually women would want to go in a group lunch to avoid misunderstanding but she was more than happy to go with me alone. I also asked Pam if she wanted to go hiking one of these days and she sounded very enthusiastic about it.

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Well, heck, yeah! She sounds interested in you. You do have to be careful if you're her boss or a manager while she's just a worker. She could be just agreeing with you because of that. But it sure sounds like she's interested. Try inviting her to another lunch and continue talking. After all, her ex could try to come back into her life, so be careful. But, yeah, keep talking. Plan that hiking trip if you can, somewhere close that doesn't involve an overnight stay.

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