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do profound problems require profound answers?


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.it seems advice for my issues leads me to profound places of thought. ive done religions,read histories,and studied philosophy and the answer always seems to be simple yet almost so complex its hard to ever obtain which leads me to doubt and wonder if our imperfections really limit us to humanities less dignified graces.through years of abuse and neglect i developed a knack for understanding the ways of what i call the cosmic joke,george lucas called it the force,some people might call it god. i learned patience and tolerance and understood ways of thought that made what i was going trough into a life lesson,a journey,an adventure of posibility,of peace and possible happiness in this ed reality of mine. but im alone ,not in the sense of people,places or substance,but in the sense of understanding . who does a denstist go to when they need tooth work done? a dentist right ? they dont do it themselves. im stumped on who to access,where to go. no one has my problems ,lets talk ill tell them to you ,ill bet youll agree , i know that sounds cocky,though ive talked to ALOT of dif people , anonymity keeps us honest .but im stuck on a plateau , i can see the next and can almost reach it ,why cant i grasp it when its so close at hand but never just quite attainable,is it me? is this the edge of my capacity in life as a human.do i just "settle" the others around me have things like relationships/family/friends/financial,academic,etc success almost set in thier laps and its not that way for me , i feel like a carrot is being dangled,but yanked away just at the last min. anyone have anything i can use?

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