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My cat is aging


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I love my 'little lion' (he's an orange cat) more than anything on this earth and I'm beginning to believe I will never find true love as long as he is alive because it's kind no of like a curse, 'enchantment ' if you understand. I have soooooooo much love for him. It's hard for me to believe I would ever be without him, he's the most special cat so friendly almost dog like licks my face sleeps with me I need and love him more than any man, is that unhealthy?


I just know he is getting old and will probably pass in the next few years he's 11, hope he lives till 20!

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Awwww your kitty sounds so amazing I have a best friend, and her main kitty is going on 22 years! She has two younger kitties, but her main boy, he is going strong. Hang in there, your kitty could have a very long life, and I hope he does. Bless you for being a good pet parent

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Is he an indoor cat and fully vaccinated? They tend to fare better if they're indoors. And if possible, feed him premium food from pet stores rather than supermarkets (like the scientifically formulated stuff) - mix of dry and wet foods so they're well hydrated. Maybe take him to a vet to check what you can do as he gets a bit older to maintain his health and longevity?


Was just typing about how great my little ginger lion is also and then had to turn around and snatch my earphones off him because they're his favourite chew toy.......

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My girl kitty is 12 or 13 (she's from a rescue so not sure). I worry because she's starting to get skinny, move slower and have trouble jumping on the couch and bed. She better stick around for at least 5-6 more years.


BTW, my brother's cat lived to be 22.


If she’s getting skinny get her checked for hyperthyroidism. My cat had it and it’s ultimately why she passed away this year. Treating it early is the best chance of her living a long happy life. But they essentially starve to death no matter how much you feed them.

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