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Husband heartache


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Last night my husband said he can't see a future with me for 3 reasons. 1: it's highly unlikely bar a miracle that I'll ever be able to have children (I want kids more than anything and this tore me up even more) 2: he feels like I'm holding him back mainly career-wise. He didn't explain more than that and 3: he doesn't feel a spark or connection anymore. I'm the only one who's been working to try to keep that alive. He sent me away to live with my dad for a while so he could have space for himself the day before our 8th anniversary. I need advice....HELP!

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I am sorry but a classic cheater move is to blame the other person.


If he isn't cheating and he said these things to you why on earth would you want to be with someone that feels as he does? He basically said since you are not perfect he doesn't want you.


I can tell you this with almost complete certainty. If you were able to have children all of a sudden, helped him with his career, and there were sparks flying all over the place he would find some other reason for leaving.


He is blaming you for his choices. He is not a man, the only thing he has in common with a man is that he has a penis. I think he is doing you a favor.


You can certainly do way better than him.



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