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Just met this guy but don’t know if it’s appropriate to text him already


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Hi everyone !

I had a dinner last week with my distant cousin because he came in for an event with one of his friends. And I think I’m totally crushing on his friend I don’t know how it happened but yeah. They were so nice during dinner and it was really cool to have a conversation with them. He seems to be quite successful and social, in his last year of medical college, and quite handsome too !

I want to send him a message but don’t know how and don’t know if I should ? I feel like if i don’t, I will regret it but also, I kinda feel out of his league because we just met, he s three years older than me (already has friends etc). He’s apparently single haha. What do you think ? Thanks a lot for the replies

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Well considering I don’t know him well, the chances for him to answer me are low and i’m afraid to get a no-no answer and never get the balls to send him a message again


Welcome to being a guy, just without fear being labelled a creep because you tracked down their facebook or something to message them.


So.... play the slow game. Find him on Facebook/Instagram whatever and friend him. Perhaps start liking the occasional post, picture and see where it goes from there.

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I would ask your distant cousin about him, honestly. Ask the distant cousin to give the guy your Facebook address/phone number and go from there. That is a more old fashioned way to do things, for sure, but its a little more fool proof because then if he's not interested or taken, you won't come across as a stalker (and sometimes if someone is not currently available, they may keep your info and contact you later.). That way if he's the type of guy where pursuit has to be his idea, its still his idea. He'll get a strong message you are interested in getting to know him vs you following him on IG

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