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Feelings after one night stand?


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I met a guy (I’m a guy as well) at a bar through friends the other night. It was later in the night and everyone had been out for a few hours (read: drunkish). He was visiting with a married couple. He lives about 3 hours away. We seemed to instantly gravitate toward each other- natural eye contact, cute smile. We chatted one on one for a while. Exchanged phone numbers. He seemed to have a goofy blend of humor and sincerity. Our group had dispersed, his friends had gone home- I needed to get home and I invited him back. He obliged. We had some nice drunk fooling around before going to bed. The weather was horrible so I told him to spend the night. Drove him back early the next morning because I needed to get to my job.


We have chatted a little since and he’s back in his own city now. I can’t stop thinking about him. Is this a normal reaction? Am I just really lonely??

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